Laura Bush Will Save The Publishing Industry Forever


  • America has the most guns per capita of anywhere, ever, including Yemen! Yemen. A full 89 out of 100 people own firearms. [Andrew Sullivan]
  • Obama is going to revamp FEMA by hiring some Clinton staffer who already fixed the thing eight years ago and left just before Michael Brown destroyed both FEMA and New Orleans out of boredom. [Kevin Drum]
  • If you haven't seen this Sarah Palin comedy video already, it is funnier than the past three months of her idiocy because the garbled Alaskan catchphrases are the same, but there are no stakes whatsoever. So, sigh of relief, etc. [Crooks and Liars]
  • California-based Internet start-up Google (Yahoo search it) is having layoffs too. [AMERICAblog]
  • Laura Bush is working on a memoir! The sheer pornographic detail in this thing will be leagues ahead of those of Curtis Sittenfeld and probably on par with Meghan McCain's Vietnamese bildungsroman. [HuffPost]

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