Laura Dern Channeling Her Inner Kitty Harris

DR GRANT THE RAPTORS ARE LOOSE!Laura Dern is playing Katherine "Kitty" Harris in HBO's upcoming film Recount, an adaptation of a lost Care Bears book in which Al Gore doesn't become president. And on Monday, they were filming in Tallahassee -- only backwards.

As the good folks at have pointed out, Dern's horse is heading in the wrong direction, mayhaps altering the course of history and retroactively dis-Mission-Accomplishing the Iraq War!:

kittylaura.jpgLaura Dern was actually headed to Tallahassee Park's backup power generator to reboot the city's security systems, until raptors attacked her from either side.

Dern, Spacey in Timely Recount Movie []

Top photo by AP


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