Laura Ingraham Just Fine With You Dying For Her New Coronavirus Overlords


Professional terrible person Laura Ingraham is fully on board with Donald Trump's COVID-19 “strategy" of giving up. On her white power hour last night, she praised White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows for telling Americans “the truth" that we're never going to control the virus because it's just too hard.

INGRAHAM: The Biden campaign and his press poodles, they went bananas today ...

Well, yeah, the Trump administration announced a “Stand By And Watch Americans Die" initiative. That's concerning.

INGRAHAM: Of course, Meadows told the truth. This is a terrible tragedy and we mourn those who succumb to it. But it originated in China, not Trump Tower, and the desperate attempt to politicize it is absurd.

Who cares where the coronavirus started, if it ends with us all dead? No one (on the Left) has desperately attempted to politicize the pandemic. There would've been bipartisan support for the president doing something, anything, to impede the virus's spread. If Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler said it was impossible to contain rioters or looters and the property damage was relatively minimal anyway, so people should stop whining about it and move on with their lives, Ingraham wouldn't applaud his truth-telling.

Ingraham had absurdly claimed that the Dow's crash on Monday wasn't because Trump had surrendered to the virus. No, Dr. Anthony Fauci was to blame for suggesting a nationwide mask mandate. The threat of future lockdowns had spooked investors.

INGRAHAM: Why would anyone want to start a restaurant in a country that's going to be shut down?

COVID-denying conservatives insist that if Jor-El Dr. Fauci and other scientists would just shut up already, we could all go back to partying like it's 2019. Sorry, but the coronavirus will not be ignored. Community outbreaks this summer were traced to bars and restaurants reopening, even at reduced capacity, and that's why your children are attending school on their iPads.

Ingraham is already blaming Biden for any lockdowns that might occur next year. He wants to confine us to our homes so it's easier for antifa to burn us alive inside them. That's his evil scheme, which has nothing to do with Trump's “strategy" of just letting the virus do whatever it wants. Nobody puts the virus in a corner!

Later, Ingraham welcomed guest Ramin Oskoui, who's technically a doctor. He's promoted a final herd immunity solution for so long you'd think he was on COVID-19's payroll. Oskoui said that "lockdowns and mandatory mask mandates are probably slowing the onset of herd immunity," which is true: Absent a vaccine, about 80 percent of Americans (that's on the low side) would have to contract the disease for the nation to achieve herd immunity — if contracting the virus actually does confer immunity, which nobody knows. The hard math has not changed: There are 328 million Americans but “only" 8.7 million confirmed cases, which is less.

Ingraham and Oskoui are talking about millions of Americans dying. Maybe they assume the dead will just be people they don't know.

OSKOUI: We want people who are generally healthy to actually contract COVID if they do naturally. If you're under the age of 50, you have got a 99.95 percent chance of survival.

I'm 46, and I don't think I have a 99.95 percent chance of survival, even without the virus. Mortality rates have decreased recently but they're still way too high for someone to risk just to serve you chicken wings during happy hour.

Dr. Leora Horwitz told NPR that although the death rate “has gone down substantially," those who recover can suffer complications for months or even longer. She says, “[COVID-19] still has the potential to be very harmful in terms of long-term consequences for many people."

Yes, COVID-19 can leave you with a pesky pre-existing condition, and your shiny new Supreme Court justice could torch the Affordable Care Act, which protects people with such conditions.

OSKOUI: You need herd immunity to develop and that's going to be between about 50 to 66 percent.

LOL, look at this fool thinking a 50 percent infection rate is adequate for herd immunity.

OSKOUI: Young healthy individuals get COVID, they get sick, they move on with their lives. For the vast, vast majority.

Thousands of young people, especially minorities, have died from COVID-19 this year. This is multiple 9/11s. If a cop breaks their toe kicking a protester, Fox News won't shut up about the liberal “war on police."

OSKOUI: Look at President Trump, he is 70 plus, he got COVID, he did beautifully.

We don't know that. He also had presidential-level medical treatment that his supporters in rural America would never receive.

OSKOUI: I think we've, we need to talk about fundamental issues, vitamin D, zinc. If you're sick, quarantine. If you're fragile, you're vulnerable, again, stay safe, quarantine. But the rest of us have to get this society moving.

Oh, so he's including himself in the master race. I don't mean to be rude, but he looks like he might have a comorbidity or two.

OSKOUI: This is a cruel experiment.

All this pro-life rhetoric is overwhelming me. This is what your Republican relatives are watching, and it's why the virus is winning.

[Media Matters]

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