Laura & Jenna Bush 'Writing' Book For George

Our Lady of Reduced Expectations, Jenna Bush, is now "writing" another book, this time with the help of her mom, the former elementary school teacher and librarian. It's a children's book! And what message will they bring to America's youth?

Laura Bush, along with daughter Jenna, are in the process of writing a children's book about a child who does not like reading, USA TODAY reports.

The picture book, to be published next spring by HarperCollins, is inspired by the teaching experiences of both Laura and Jenna.

That's right, they will glorify dumb kids who hate reading by making a picture book about it.

Next up for Jenna the author: a diet book about people who hate to diet -- but the "book" is just actually a sack of McDonaldland hamburgers.

Laura, Jenna Bush writing children's book [CNN Ticker]


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