Laurie David: Making Karl Rove Look Good Since 2007

It's not that we don't appreciate all of you nice people who keep sending us the Laurie David/Sheryl Crow-Karl Rove story, hours after we posted it. We do! It just seems like David and Crow might not have been the kind-hearted ingenues they suggested they were in their Huffington post. Byron York of National Review got his own report of the confrontation.

Immediately after Dowd's introduction, the witness says, David began lecturing Rove about global warming. This administration has done nothing on the issue, she told Rove. We face a crisis. The time to act is now. This administration has done nothing...

At that point, Rove broke in to say, Well, actually we have done something. Rove mentioned global climate research, at which point David broke in herself to say, You just don't understand. All these questions have been answered. That's worthless. That's useless.


In the eyewitness' version, again, David and Crow are a bit more aggressive than their own story suggests. The eyewitness says David told Rove, You need to bring in new people to tell you the truth. Rove mentioned Dr. John Marburger, the White House science advisor. At that point, according to the eyewitness, Crow began poking Rove's chest with her finger, demanding to know what corporations were underwriting Marburger's work. Rove said Marburger had been in academia most of his career.
And if you really want to sympathize with Rove, hum the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme... right now.

Karl Rove Gets Thrown Under the Stop Global Warming Bus [HuffPo]

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- David Weigel


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