Laverne Cox Is An Agent Of Satan In Today's Happy Links!


Well, and what happened at your Happy Nice Time People today? So much! So very, very, very much. And, naturally, it included "Orange Is The New Black" and also Satan. (When does it NOT, am I RIGHT, you guys?) Read on for some Happy lovin'.

Some idiot says Laverne Cox is part of Satan's plan to advance transgender rights. We disagree!

We got drunk.

Dr. Oz is a snake oil salesman.

A teacher got bullied for being a lesbian.

We made up our own offensive football team names!

A big pussy adopted a little pussy.

Tara from "True Blood" showed us all her boobs, kind of.

We recapped the Fargo finale.

Jon Stewart gave everyone reparative therapy.

Sister Wives turned into an episode of Shark Tank.

Enjoy your evening, kids, and watch out for homosexual influences! Don't forget to follow us on Twitter, ya heard?





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