Lawrence O'Donnell Goes Over Famous Genius Levi Johnston's Head


Hey now! It's new MSNBC gotcha journalist Lawrence O'Donnell! He's got a show on that teevee librul treehouse now. The show features animated clouds floating over the New York City skyline behind O'Donnell's head, chiefly. But yesterday it also featured Levi Johnston, and Lawrence O'Donnell asked Levi serious foreign policy questions, because Lawrence O'Donnell is hilarious and THE BEST at gotcha-ing.

Har har, Larry is treating Levi like a real politician! But Levi is not running for federal office, he's "running" for mayor of Wasilla, so he actually has no reason, as a "candidate," to have positions on any of these issues or read anything other than the local newspaper.

But whatever, HIGH FIVE, Lawrence O'Donnell. Alright, that's an answer.

And now Lawrence O'Donnell has the phone number for Playgirl so he can see about posing in that thing himself. [Daily Intel]


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