Laws Don't Apply To Jim Webb

Armed nut Jim Webb is a senator now, so he basically ignores all laws in DC just like the rest of them. Virginia's own Charles Bronson finally admitted he owns the gun that one of his mercenary aides tried to sneak inside the Capitol way back in March. But Webb refused to "talk about whether he complies with the District of Columbia handgun ban."

And what's it matter, anyway? The charges were dropped against his aide and Webb just snarled about "security" when asked about the special treatment he gets.

The angriest senator also was forced to disclose his various moneymaking schemes: Webb will apparently earn $1 million from a new book deal, screenplay and some sort of TV program -- possibly a reality show about a heavily armed lunatic who somehow becomes senator and then kills everybody on the Hill.

Webb says gun that aide had was his [Richmond Times-Dispatch]

Sen. Jim Webb Discloses Finances [Hampton Daily Press]

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