Can Trump Really ADJOURN CONGRESS? Hahahahaha, F*ck Off

Donald Trump's 'Week Of Dictatoring Bigstupidly' continues.

Boy howdy, Donald The Great Glorious Dictator is just havin' hisself A WEEK!

A few days back we laughed and laughed at Trump puffing out his chest and declaring he has "absolute" authority over when the governors of US America reopen their states. He decidedly does not. A day or two later, we laughed and laughed again when Trump made some sort of ego-tripping move that seemed to be intended to sort of walk the "absolute authority" thing back, but he ended up saying he has "authorized" governors to use their best judgment do whatever they need to do to protect their own states from the novel coronavirus. Dipshit was just standing there granting hall passes and everybody was like "Yeah, LOL, OK, um ... thanks? Anyway fuck off."

And now Donald Trump says he is going to ADJOURN CONGRESS.

Like so many of Trump's dictatorial ramblings, it happened during Trump's daily corona-lingus presser, which on Wednesday was not about coronavirus, as far as we could tell. (STOP RUNNING THEM, NETWORKS.) Yesterday, it was mostly him bitching about judges and other nominees that have been held up in Congress, because of how Congress is staying the fuck at home like everybody else.

And that is when he came up with his very legal and very cool idea for adjourning Congress, so he can recess appoint all the very important unconfirmed nominees on Mitch McConnell's desk. They are very important nominees, you guys. Sure, they're mostly child judges, and Trump didn't even try to explain why it's so important to confirm them during corona, but SURE WHATEVER. (The Washington Post notes that for most of the other vacant jobs in the government, they're empty because Trump hasn't bothered to pick anybody to fill them. For instance, the secretary of Homeland Security, which you'd think might be important in a pandemic. And we all know how he loves "acting" officials, because it's easier to boss them without oversight.)

Maybe the child judges have promised to manufacture coronavirus tests or something. It's probably that.

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Vote And Die! Democracy According To The US Supreme Court And Wisconsin Supreme Court

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Soooooo Wisconsin is going to have an election today. A lot of people are going to be put in actual, physical danger because of Republican bullshit. A lot of people aren't going to be able to vote because of Republican bullshit. And a lot of people are going to continue to be fucked over by Republican bullshit for years to come.

Happy Tuesday!

We let you know yesterday about all kinds of craziness going on with today's election in the badger state. And suffice it to say a LOT has happened since then. None of it good.

Voters, civil rights groups, and the Wisconsin and the Democratic Party went to court to fight for voting rights — and lost. The Republican Party went to court to fight against voting rights — and won.

So yeah, it's all bad.

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Bush-Appointed-Judge Tells ICE: LET MY PEOPLE GO

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As the COVID-19 pandemic decimates the world, one population is particularly at risk: people who are incarcerated. They are at the mercy of the state, and almost always held in conditions where the coronavirus is likely to spread: close quarters with no possibility of social distancing, no or few toiletries available, and forced to wash, live, and eat within feet or even inches of each other

There is no denying that coronavirus is already ravaging our jails, prisons, and detention centers. At least four ICE detainees in New Jersey and one in Arizona have already tested positive for COVID-19 — and that's without widespread testing of people in DHS custody.

On Tuesday, a federal judge in the Middle District of Pennsylvania ordered the 11 petitioners in Thakker v. Doll to be released.

The good

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Republicans can just never resist an opportunity to try to control women's bodies, so governors in five states have already used the COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse to try to close their state's abortion clinics.

Last week, governors in Texas, Iowa, Oklahoma, Alabama, and Ohio issued similar executive orders suspending all "nonessential medical procedures," including abortions. Even ignoring the fact that every abortion is essential to a woman seeking to get it, whether for medical or other reasons, this is complete and utter bullshit. All of these states also have laws on the books limiting when in their pregnancies women can get abortions, so really this is just another attempt at forcing women to give birth against their will

Thankfully, Planned Parenthood, the Center for Reproductive Rights, and the ACLU exist and have sued these fuckers for violating Roe v. Wade and that pesky little thing called the US Constitution.

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