Via Our Place Restaurant/Facebook.Are you an aficionado of pointless, asinine lawsuits? We at Wonkettesure are! And boy, do we have a good one for you today.

A Texas lawyer (two words you never want to see next to each other) by the name of Dwain Downing is threatening to sue Our Place Restaurant in Mansfield after they failed to deliver on the promise of soup. Downing ordered the lunch special, which includes two sides and a soup. The restaurant, however, ran out of soup before he got there, and when they refused to substitute something else, Downing became incensed. Never mind the fact that the restaurant's menu clearly stated "while supplies last"; Downing wanted his damn free soup, and he wanted it NOW.

Unable to convince them to give up the free shit, Downing then looked up the price of the soup on the menu ($2.25), went home, and filed a lawsuit for $2.25 plus $250 in attorney's fees, because that is a thing a sane human being would ever consider doing. He also referred to continuing to have the soup on the printed menu after the restaurant had run out (even with the disclaimer) as a "deceptive trade practice," which makes sense, because Our Place is located in Hogwarts and the manager on duty can just magic the unwanted words away by saying "ALOHOMORA" or some shit.

In case you were wondering how the restaurant's owner would react to this, here you go:

The restaurant owner, Benji Arslanovsk, told local news outlets that he’d never seen anything like this and he called the letter ridiculous.

“When I opened it, I was just shocked,” Arslanovsk said. “You’ve got to be kidding me ... I mean, it is a cup of soup.”

Arslanovsk also vowed to fight the theoretical lawsuit regardless of whether it winds up costing him far more than $250. The entire legal system, meanwhile, could not be reached for comment, because it was far too busy laughing hysterically.



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