Le Bra Burners

* As usual, Bush has no idea where the fuck he is. [Fresh Intelligence]

* Mike Huckabee is building up steam, which disappoints a nation that prefers all the Republicans be cretins. [Wizbang Politics]

* Now, Osama bin Laden and Michael Moore really are saying pretty much the same thing. [Hot Air]

* And it's not that Fred Thompson would be too lazy to track down bin Laden, it's just that what's the point? [Think Progress]

* Ohio representative died from falling down and busting himself wide open, and that just really seems like it sucks a whole lot. [Election Central]

* If children want health insurance so bad then they should go out and get a job like the rest of us instead of just hanging in around in classrooms all day long. [Hill Blog]

* Majority of Idahoans want the gay out of the Senate, and what took so long for that poll to come out? [Political Wire]

* Quebec is so nice and quaint that they still have feminists there. [Liberal Avenger]


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