Leak Line-Up: And the Ham Sandwich Makes Twenty-Two

Whoa, if our tipsters are indeed in the reality-based community, the suspect list of possible indict-ees in the Plame investigation is more far reaching than we thought. Though, actually, what's really depressing is how, at this point, plausible some of them are. Also, thanks to those who reminded us that each individual can receive multiple indictments, and considering all the charges -- "obstruction, perjury, false statements; Conspiracy to commit underlying offense x, conspiracy to commit underlying offense y, underlying offense x, underlying offense y...You could get 22 from just Rove and Libby alone."

So, adding to this list:

Condoleezza Rice

Stephen Hadley

Andrew Card

Alberto Gonzales

Mary Matalin

Scott McClellan

Dan Bartlett

Colin Powell

Karen Hughes

John Bolton

George Tenet

Porter Goss

Harriet Miers

Robert Novak

A ham and cheese sandwich.

We'll be reviewing the cases against all of these folks, and hope to mine the collective, er, "intelligence" of the Wonkette readership with a poll on the matter come Monday.


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