The whole affair is "less a perfect storm--to use one of the press' hoarier clichés to characterize a grim convergence of unpleasant events--as it was a brownout, a distressing midsummer sign that a full power outage is on its way." [NYO] RELATED: "Play the 'Chris Lehmann Heapings Of Opprobrium' Game!" [TMFTML]

"Norm Pearlstine didn't go far enough." Weisberg wants to hand over his own notes, just because. [Slate]

Double super secret background "sounds like a good name for an overpriced ice cream cone." [Media Mob]

Bob Woodward wants to spend time in a women's prison; who wouldn't? "If the judge would permit it, I would go serve some of [Miller's] jail time." [E&P]

Rove remix. (Shouldn't it just be silence?) [RVMedia]


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