Leak Speak: It's all Coming Down

With that other shoe suspended in mid-air, we present a collection of items to get you through dinner conversation all the way to that Lunesta you've been saving just for nights like this.

Scott McClellan whimpers, admits Rove and Libby lied to him. Sort of. [Slate]

Watch Judy Miller open her mouth, emit noises that sound like free speech but actually make mockery of democratic project. Fun! [SPJ]

Oh, please, we don't hate Judy because she's a pushy lady, we hate her because she's a bitchy fraud. But thanks for asking, NPR! [NPR]

You know what is sexist, tho? Reducing the entire Judy vs. Times situation to a hair-pulling catfight between Miller and MoDo. Not that we wouldn't want to watch. And, btw? Mo would win. [NYP, WSJ]

"The Plame leak is in itself evidence of how Bush administration officials failed to apprehend the most basic operations of intelligence." [NYO]

Advice for the wives of the soon-to-be-indicted. [Radar]


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