"A nasty man recently threw me in jail, and several of my least favorite co-workers just ganged up on me in the pages of my own paper. Needless to say, these critics are a bunch of pansy assholes." J.M. in Sag Harbor asks the Ethicist. [Panopticist]

"Relentless and totally out of control," "eager to let you know that she travelled in a world of international intrigue and important people," who could they possibly be talking about? [Gawker]

Arianna reads between the telephone lines regarding Libby's call to Tim Russert. [HuffPo]

"If only lies left semen stains." [The Daily Show]

Jason Zengerle zings Joe Wilson: "Wilson's op-ed was entitled, 'Our 27 months of hell.' A better title might have been, 'How to turn your 15 minutes into 27 months.'" [TNR's The Plank]

The WP bundles all the scandal buzzwords into one incoherent mess. (Hey, that's what blogs are for!) [WP]


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