Leak Speak: Losers and Scooters

Mostly blogoriffic coverage of Judith Miller's jail break. Biggest scoop: Powerline, who has Scooter Libby's letter to Miller.

Scooter to Judy: "I am pleased to comply, if it will speed your return." [Powerline]

"Note to reporters: There is nothing intrinsically noble about keeping your sources' secrets." [Froomkin]

How did Judy talk to Libby? Her statement: " a telephone call to me at jail." But "any police reporter will tell you that the Alexandria Detention Center or any other jail or prison in America for that matter does not allow incoming phone calls...Of course, if it's the White House calling maybe the rule can be overridden. [Poynter Letters]

Shafer's tally: "the only losers I count today are Miller and the Times editorial page, which she left holding the soiled bag of her absolutism." [Slate]

The Times: "Ms. Miller believed--and we agree--that it was not her place to try to hound him into telling her that she did not need to keep her promise." The verdict: "This is, of course, bullshit." [Reference Tone]

"Could it be that, in the giddiness of the moment, Miller and her attorney(s) neglected to inform Times executive editor Bill Keller and publisher Arthur Sulzberger that their favorite martyr was out of the can and roaming Washington D.C., free as a bird?" [CJR]

"If the gun was at Libby’s head when he signed the original waiver over a year ago, why were Miller and the Times so willing to accept that the gun was no longer loaded?" [HuffPo]


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