Leak Speak: Tag, Judy's It!

You can have Judy Miller's story about her role in the Plame investigation when you pry it from her cold, dead hands. [AP]

Arianna notices Judy's freedom not agreeing with her so much: "No attacks on blanket waivers or calls for a federal shield law. No wistful longings for a hug from her dog and a meal with her husband." [HuffPo]

New favorite theory: All an elaborate plot to trap Judy in a perjury charge! It makes complete sense! [Mark A. Kleiman]

Another insane theory: "I don't know Judy Miller, but I doubt any journalist would spend 85 days in jail for money, even a lot of money." True, bloggers aren't journalists... [RogerSimon]

Speaking of bloggers not being journalists: "I think the solution is to protect journalism rather than journalists." [Media Nation]

People at the Times are pissed. [WP]


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