Leak Speak: We're as Tired of It as You

TIME honcho Jim Kelley talks Jon Friedman into submission: "We spoke so much, as a matter of fact, that I was out of breath (and questions) by the time we wrapped up a marathon phone interview." Yet says nothing: "Above all, Kelly stressed: 'You're not going to see Time reporters put the name of a confidential source in an email.'" [Marketwatch]

Questioner in Kurtz chat wonders if Novak will be frog-marched anywhere for getting things wrong (Plame, Rehnquist, troop pull-out), "or is this standard in the journalistic community?" Let's put it this way: he's not getting frog-marched anywhere. [WashingtonPost.com]

Not quite as boring as being there: Fishboy hits the lowlights of yesterday's presser. [FishbowlDC]

Keller says Miller's finicky eater: "The food has not agreed with her and we have been trying to impress on her that she needs to eat. We have been hammering that in." A little pro-active for our taste. [E&P]

Novak, "the perfect Dickensian villain"? [The Corsair]

The biggest scoop to come out of the Plame investigation: Art Buchwald is still alive. [WP]


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