Learn To Destroy Planets From Don Rumsfeld Himself!

Laugh it up, fuckwad - WonketteDo you dream of spending hundreds of billions of other people's money to fuck up entire regions of the Earth while killing hundreds of thousands of people? Is your idea of "progress" daily cargo planes filled with dead Americans? Wondering how to turn a moment of national tragedy into a six-year global bloodbath? Dreaming of doing exactly what Osama bin Ladens tells you to do?

Well, pack your bags and order your textbooks, because Donald Rumsfeld is opening a foreign "policy" institute to edumacate the Rumsfelds of tomorrow!

America's beloved Master of Disaster has moved to new offices on M Street, where he and his minions will develop the new foundation and its great new fellowship/research plans for graduate and post-graduate students. Enroll now, and maybe you'll be the one who finally starts the global thermonuclear war!

Rumsfeld To Create Research Foundation To Teach About 'U.S. Engagement In World Affairs' [Think Progress]


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