Leaving On A Jet Plane

  • John McCain apparently sees no problem with the National Security Agency's warrantless wiretap program, leaving him with yet another issue where he's in total agreement with George Bush. [New York Times]
  • Barack Obama held a rally in Virginia and didn't cause major traffic problems. Is the candidate already losing his touch? [Washington Post]
  • Airline fares will rise, and planes will be even more packed, as carriers struggle to stay afloat. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Harry Reid's looking out for Joe Lieberman, but many Democrats look forward to throwing Vinegar Joe under the bus after they win a supermajority in November. [The Hill, Washington Post]
  • Latinos might have preferred Clinton to Obama, but now they prefer Obama to McCain. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Hillary Clinton really did want to take a couple days to think things over after Barack Obama effectively "clinched" the nomination Tuesday, and it took some old friends in the House to tell her what her fellow Senators couldn't. [Politico]

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