gun.jpgAs usual, all sorts of weird shit is going down with our late, dear friend Hunter S. Thompson. Even in death, the guy can stir stink and raise hell. The rumors, books, family infighting, estate rumbles and creepy accusations of murder all have friends and fans a little edgy. Guess it's par for the course. Anyway, we sent New York writer Katie Clancy -- the daughter of the late, beloved John Clancy, a friend and attorney of Hunter's -- to cover the book party and reading at Sebastian Junger's Half King Pub in NYC. After the jump, a brief report.

Nostalgia and Chivas fueled last night's reading of Gonzo: The Life of Hunter S. Thompson at the literary watering hole Half King Pub. Rolling Stone cronies Paul Scanlon, Tobias Perse, and the book's author Corey Seymour shared stories of near-death car chases and read hate faxes from Thompson. Co-editor Jann Wenner was a no show; whiny widow Anita Thompson wasn't sitting among the reserved tables, either. Her soapbox rants are becoming dope-fiendishly repetitive, claiming poverty and a dwindling bank account. She may be starving but Thompson still manages to jet between Colorado and New York regularly. Oh, and she forgot to mention that she's in line for royalties from the biography (due to her share in Hunter's estate.)

Withdrawal symptoms much?


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