Left-Wing Nuts Bug Right-Wing Nut

Photo by Mike Stark, shorts from Bill's private collection - WonketteApparently Bill O'Reilly has been going on about Daily Kos lately, because he's a good three years behind everyone else on the internet. Using the typical marginalizing strategy of conflating the site with its craziest commenters, O'Reilly has compared the site to the Klan and the Nazi party -- he even got JetBlue to withdraw sponsorship of Kos' little convention! Naturally, the "Kossacks" are responding by proving conclusively that they are just as fucking crazy as the idiot tv guy says they are.


That's right, Mike Stark went to Bill's house! "I've got video of O'Reilly in his sleepwear," Stark brags. He put up a bunch of signs that cleverly say "Bill O'Reilly: PERVERT" in front of the guy's house, put O'Reilly's sexual harassment court filings in all his neighbors' mailboxes. He's saving the presumably uncomfortable video for the YearlyKos convention.

We'd just like to congratulate DailyKos for making us sympathize with a disturbed fascist. Maybe they can make Giuliani's mom cry or something next.

I Just Returned from Falafel Bill's House [DailyKos]


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