2020 Congressional Elections

Kelly Loeffler's Husband Writes $1M Check To Trump PAC, Memo Line DOES NOT Mention Stock Trade Investigation

Bribe is such an ugly word.

Georgia Senator Kelly Loeffler is desperate. She's getting fragged by Republican Congressman Doug Collins, who decided that actually he'd like the Senate seat to which she was appointed for himself. She's under fire for conducting the same type of stock trades that got North Carolina Senator Richard Burr in deep shit with the FBI. And, after initially denying it, she had to admit that she also fielded inquiries from Johnny Law about buy and sell orders executed on her behalf after she received a January briefing on the looming coronavirus pandemic, although she adamantly denies having personally directed the transactions.

So Loeffler and her husband, Jeffrey Sprecher, are going to do what they do best. That's right, they're going to throw money at the problem.

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Energy Sec Demands Racist Banks Stop Racisming Poor ... Oil Companies, With Racism

Meet the new Rick Perry, same as the old Rick Perry.

Everyone is the new Rosa Parks these days. Mask refusers, anti-vaxxers, Elon Musk, and now oil companies. At least according to Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette, who is every bit as gaffe-prone as Rick Perry, but with worse hair.

Here's Secretary Brouillette decrying evil banks who refuse to finance drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

For years and years and years, banks would not lend money, insurance companies would not write policies in minority areas in the country. Redlining is the term used all throughout those debates. We didn't want banks redlining certain parts of the country. We don't want that here. I do not think banks should be redlining our oil and gas investment across the country.

Because systematic exclusion of African Americans from homeownership is exactly the same as refusing to finance immensely unpopular fossil fuel extraction in sensitive ecological areas. Obviously!

This wasn't a leak from a closed-door speech to some industry group; Brouillette actually said this on purpose to Axios's Amy Harder. Because Dan Brouillette is that just that good at finessing the media.

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Oh, Michael Flynn, Judge Sullivan Has Just One More Thing

Hoist on his own stupid petard.

Judge Sullivan is mad, Marcy Wheeler is right, and that unflushable traitor turd Mike Flynn will not GO THE FUCK AWAY, ALREADY! Just another day in hell, right?

For months, NatSec blogger Marcy Wheeler has warned that Michael Flynn and his batshit lawyer Sidney Powell were poking the bear with their antics in US District Judge Emmet Sullivan's courtroom. After signing a plea deal under penalty of perjury admitting that he'd lied to the FBI and knowingly hidden his work on behalf of the Turkish government, then admitting to it under oath in Judge Rudolph Contreras's courtroom under penalty of perjury, and then re-allocuting for Judge Sullivan, once again under penalty of perjury, Michael Flynn has decided that actually he wasn't lying to the FBI at all. Whoopsie!

Hello, everyone knows that if you delete your tweet confessing to crime, it means it never happened. That is just law, people!

In his new and improved version of events, he'd just "forgotten" about telling the Russian ambassador that Trump would cancel Obama's sanctions punishing the Kremlin for trying to ratfuck our elections. And it totally slipped his mind that he asked the Russians to block a vote against Israel at the UN. So Flynn wasn't "lying" to the FBI when they asked him about it less than a month later and he denied it ever happened. He just, ummm, misremembered.


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2016 Presidential Election

GOP Demands To Know Who Listened In As All Our Foreign Adversaries Secretly Chatted Up Michael Flynn

Really? This is their defense?

UNMASKING? Really, they're going to go with this one? Because the fact that disgraced former national security advisor Flynn got picked up on multiple Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court wiretaps is hardly a great defense of the guy the Justice Department insists is innocent as a newborn lamb.

Oh, fucking fine. If we have to ... here's the deal on this stupid unmasking thing.

Yesterday, Ric Grenell, the unqualified hack stuck in as Director of National Intelligence to force the Senate to confirm the marginally less unqualified Rep. John Ratcliffe, declassified a list of people who supposedly "unmasked" Michael Flynn. Then he sent it on to Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson at the Senate Finance and Homeland Security committees, who gleefully rubbed their hands together at the prospect of being able to throw more dust in the air to obscure the entirely legitimate origins of the Russia investigation.

And right on cue ...

"This campaign to sabotage this administration — it is outrageous what these officials from the Obama administration did to the incoming administration," Johnson told Politico. "There are so many questions that need to be answered."

What they actually "did" Johnson is less clear on. Because the answer is absolutely NOTHING.

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