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Bill Barr Got Some Splainin' To Do About All These Wire Tapps!

This is some crazy Nixon shit!

Attorney General Merrick Garland will meet today with representatives from the New York Times, CNN, and the Washington Post to explain how their reporters wound up having their phone and email records swept up via secret subpoena in an apparent attempt by the White House to root out leakers. It promises to be an unpleasant conversation, but not nearly as unpleasant as the grilling the AG will face when Congress eventually gets to ask how Democratic Reps. Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell and 71 staffers and members of their families wound up under state surveillance.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but this is some crazy Nixon shit. Or maybe even worse, which is probably why Jeff Sessions, Rod Rosenstein, and Bill Barr all raced to the nearest reporter to deny knowing anything about it.

"What the administration did, the Justice Department, the leadership of the former President, goes even beyond Richard Nixon. Richard Nixon had an enemies list. This is about undermining the rule of law," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told CNN's Dana Bash.

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justice department

Is Bill Barr LYING? Or Does He Just Think We're All Idiots?

Trick question, it is both.

Did Bill Barr lie to reporters just a tiny? Was he less than perfectly honest about his role in wire-tapping Congressmen Schiff and Swalwell in a leak investigation? Would our saintly former attorney general stoop to telling fibs to protect his own reputation?

You bite your tongue for even thinking it!

Although ... well, let's compare.

Here's how the New York Times described Barr's role in the inquiry:

But William P. Barr revived languishing leak investigations after he became attorney general a year later. He moved a trusted prosecutor from New Jersey with little relevant experience to the main Justice Department to work on the Schiff-related case and about a half-dozen others, according to three people with knowledge of his work who did not want to be identified discussing federal investigations.

And here's what he told Politico after the story broke:

In a phone interview, Barr said he didn't recall getting briefed on the moves.

Uh huh.

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justice department

Bill Barr Did Wire Tapps To Adam Schiff? LOCK HER UP!

Goddamn these corrupt sons of bitches!

Remember when that asshole accused Obama of sticking wire tapps up his voluminous ass to spy on him? Well, hold on to your hats, kids, because it turns out that the guy using the Justice Department to spy on his political enemies was actually ...

You'll never guess ...

Just kidding, it was Trump. Which you knew, because we all lived through the past five years, watching a madman promise to LOCK HER UP Hillary Cinton, then burn down the firewall between the White House and the DOJ and shred every norm meant to ensure unbiased federal law enforcement. The real surprise would be if this gang of corrupt sonsabitches didn't turn into J. Edgar Hoover once they got their hands on the keys to the Hoover Building.

And yet, the New York Times scoop last night about the DOJ subpoenaing phone records from multiple sitting members of Congress including House Intelligence Committee members Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell, their aides, and even one of their minor children is still shocking. Both in its brazenness, and the duration of the investigation, which stretched from Jeff Sessions's tenure as attorney general, softening under Counselor Masculine Toilet (sorry not sorry), and wound up as a pet project of Bill Barr.

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Right Wing Extremism

Six Three Percenters Indicted For Conspiracy In Capitol Insurrection, So What's That 18% Of?

Haha, math does not work like that.

A grand jury has indicted six "Three Percenter" loons from California on conspiracy charges for their part in trying to overthrow the 2020 election results on January 6, the first time that particular anti-government militia crowd has been charged in the insurrection. (So far, it's mostly been Proud Keepers and Oath Boys, plus a variety of militia creeps who didn't belong to any formal group but sure wanted to overthrow democracy to preserve America.) And what a nice bunch of patriots they appear to be!

According to the indictment, the six dudes conspired on the encrypted Telegram app to drive a rented SUV loaded with weapons to Washington DC so they could participate in Donald Trump's wild rumpus, and planned to storm the Capitol. One of the gents, Derek Kinnison, was very excited about saving America from its elected representatives, writing, "I personally want to be on the front steps and be one of the first ones to breach the doors!"

Two of the guys, Alan Hostetter and Russell Taylor, seem like quite the "characters," as the New York Times explains. The two had founded a group during the pandemic that they called "the American Phoenix Project," so we'll assume they couldn't wait to burn everything down and restore Liberty. The group sought to

fight the "fear-based tyranny" of coronavirus-related restrictions. The group later embraced former President Donald J. Trump's lies about a stolen election, and helped organize a well-attended rally outside the Supreme Court on Jan. 5, where the speakers included Roger J. Stone Jr., a former adviser to Mr. Trump.

Not that hanging around with Stone is so much a crime as just tacky as fuck.

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