Trump Argues For Absolute Right Of Presidents To Loot And Pillage In Copyright Lawsuit

Extremely on brand.

Trump's legal team is tryin' it. Again.

Today's WTF-ery comes to us from the copyright infringement suit filed by one Edmond Grant, AKA Eddy Grant, AKA the guy who did not fucking appreciate having his hit song "Electric Avenue" used without permission in one of Trump's ridiculous campaign videos. Trump tweeted out the video on August 12, 2020, and Twitter yanked the video for copyright infringement within a few hours. Then Twitter yanked Trump himself, and not a moment too soon, so we can't provide you with a link to the video in question. But we actually remember this one because the graphics were so embarrassingly crap — like Thomas the Tank Engine circa 1991, only worse.

Here's a still from one of Trump's briefs.

Get it? Get it? GET IT?

See Trump is a BIG CHOO CHOO TRAIN VROOM, and Biden is just a skinny dude manually pumping himself along the tracks.

Which isn't actually the dumbest thing you'll read in this post, believe it or not.

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Steve Bannon About To Get That Contempt Citation He's Always Wanted!

Filthy sumbitch 'bout to find out.

Steve Bannon is about to go through some things. The House Select Committee investigating the January 6 invasion of the Capitol is going balls to the wall, and soon we'll find out of the Justice Department is going to step up to the plate.

As expected, Bannon defied the subpoena and failed to show up to testify on October 14. His lawyer Robert Costello, of Michael Cohen pardon dangle fame, sent the Committee a letter claiming that his client's hands were tied because the former president had invoked executive privilege.

And not for nothing, but as the referral resolution notes, Bannon wasn't exactly circumspect. Here's a quote from his January 5 podcast:

It's not going to happen like you think it's going to happen. OK, it's going to be quite extraordinarily different. All I can say is, strap in. [...] You made this happen and tomorrow it's game day. So strap in. Let's get ready. All hell is going to break loose tomorrow. [...] So many people said, 'Man, if I was in a revolution, I would be in Washington.' Well, this is your time in history.


The full House vote will take place tomorrow, which is basically light speed in congressional time. Apparently the Republicans are going to vote against it because LOL nothing matters anymore. But Bannon has backed both himself and the Committee into an impossible corner, because if he can get away with blowing off a congressional subpoena, then literally anyone on earth can. Mark Meadows and Dan Scavino, who were employed in the White House on January 6, can at least make colorable claims of executive privilege covering their communications with Trump. But Bannon's assertion is such a transparently bullshit bad faith "fuck you" that the Committee has no choice but to put the pedal to the floor and gun it.

So now they're about to crash into the Justice Department, where Attorney General Merrick Garland is going to have to decide whether (and how fast) to prosecute Bannon for contempt of Congress. And Joe Biden's free-styling about his wish to see people who blow off the Committee prosecuted was not helpful. Because, while the Committee's decision to go after Bannon was an easy one, Garland's is really not. Because, as Politico notes, a successful contempt prosecution will require the government to prove that Bannon knew he was breaking the law, and he's got that nifty letter from his lawyer saying that he isn't. So he'll claim that he was relying on advice of counsel, not deliberately throwing sand in the gears of the investigation, and he might well get away with it.

Which is probably not reassuring to those of us still clinging to the hope that we live in a country with a functioning justice system. But if you want certainty, head on over to the Gateway Pundit or the Epoch Times, where it is always just 10 minutes 'til LOCK HER UP. Over here, we're going to have to make do with reality.

It sucks, man!

[NBC / Politico]

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Nebraska GOP Rep. Jeff Fortenberry Isn't Worried About Getting Indicted. Not At All. Not One Bit.

Did he mention he loves puppies? And Jesus? And Ford pickup trucks?

Sad news, friends! It looks like another God-fearing Republican has been cruelly targeted by the Biden FBI for telling one or two teensy little fibs — ALLEGEDLY — to mean FBI agents. Or so say Nebraska Rep. Jeff Fortenberry and his wife, who hopped on the internet last night to get their story out before the Justice Department could release the indictment they warn will be coming as soon as today.

(Look for that to drop thirty seconds after this story is published. Isn't that always the way!)

"Dear Friend," begins the open letter where Celeste Fortenberry tells her husband's tale of woe. "Jeff and I have two pieces of news to share with you. One very bad, one very good. The bad news is something we never thought we'd have to endure. You've been a friend and supporter for so long, and you deserve to hear it from us firsthand. Jeff and I made a short video so you could hear from him directly."

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State/Local Politics

Are The Nevada Republicans Okay? Do They Need A Police Man Or A Grownup?

(They are not okay. They definitely need a police man or a grownup)

How bad is the chaos in Nevada's GOP? Well, Politico interrupted its daily Dems In Disarray programming to write an article titled 'Really embarrassing': GOP erupts into swing state civil war, so pretty bad actually.

In the nuttiest of nutshells, the state party has been taken over by Stop the Steal lunatics, who are systematically trying to evict the slightly less lunatic normies who have run the county parties for years. Remember Reagan's Eleventh Commandment, "Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican"? LOL, good luck with that.

The Nevada GOP is currently headed by Michael McDonald, who could most charitably be described as "a character." Here's a fun snippet from an amazing Daily Beast profile of McDonald from November when he was spearheading the effort to prove vote fraud in his home state.

While McDonald served as a board member of Miracle Flights for Kids, a children's charity, $2.2 million was borrowed from the organization's coffers to benefit a medical lien company in which he held a 33 percent interest. He allegedly accepted a $200,000 finder's fee for his efforts. The company later defaulted on the loan, and for a time moved its hustle into Nevada Republican Party headquarters. McDonald claimed not to have any role in the loan process.

He seems nice.

McDonald claims not to have any association with "an organization called the 'Proud Boys.'" And yet, those fine upstanding citizens keep appearing at county party events to make sure that McDonald's agenda sails through, or else. On April 10, they showed up at a meeting of the state party and provided the votes to censure Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske, the only Republican elected statewide, for failing to support the nonsensical claims of election fraud in 2020.

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