Legitimately Famous Political Figures Spotted On Eastern Seaboard!


If you want to see DC's most famous stars, you are best off visiting exotic locals such as the BWI airport and New York City's Central Park. There you can find two of the most lovable party hounds in the history of American government! If you must stay in town, though, you might just spot the departing rump of one very famous ex-Clinton staffer ...

Here is your mission: Wander around town for at least ten (10) minutes and then write down on a tiny scrap of paper the name of the most famous person you saw. Roll up that scrap of paper into a little tube and stick it in a ball-point pen for safekeeping. Smuggle it through Canadian customs and then back again. Six weeks later, as you're going through your luggage, remember that you wrote this thing down once. Retrieve the little paper tube, write down whatever it says in an email, and here is the very important part: send it to tips@wonkette.com with the subject line Wonk'd. If it does not have that subject line then all your efforts will have been for naught.

  • Jenna Bush at BWI: Picking up bags at AirTran baggage claim off a 6:45am flight from Portland, ME, must have been comjng from a weekend in Kennebunkport  They were standing next to me as we both waited for our bags. Jenna looked tired and had her ubiquitous "FEED" bag slung over her shoulder.
  • While walking to Central Park to see the (Charles) Mingus Dynasty perform AND watch the 2009 Short Film Festival, the g/f and I spotted none other than white-hot hostage negotiator du jour and ex-President Bill Clinton, in his vehicle and waving to onlookers, after just exiting a Park Avenue hotel.  He was smiling affably, beet read, and probably engorged.  As is his wont. 

    I offered a weak and regrettable ‘Hey Mr. President’ which he sort-of acknowledged as he continued smiling at the gawkers.  And the film fest was quite good.

  • Seen last night, approx 8:40 pm:  DC at-large council member (or his driver).  Leaving his Mercedes with the fancy "at-large council member" plates in a busstop at H and 7th. 
  • I saw fake-Preznit NOBAMA's political guru, David Axelrod, in the vicinity of 15th and P Streets, NW. Immediately recognizable by his voice and moustache, he was accompanied by a young man (HENNNNNGH???). From the friendly tone and content of the conversation, I'm guessing the guy was family. Maybe they were heading out to brunch, or to the Whole Foods, or maybe to the Yoga studio? Who knows. I could tell that he recognized I recognized him, and even I think these guys should enjoy a private life, so I decided to pretend to fumble around looking in a bag I was carrying instead of harrassing him about NOBAMA's birf certifcaet. Also, I hope the First White Sox Fan (White Sox Fan In Chief?) didn't see him wearing that Cubs hat.
  • Axelrod, Favreau and a bunch of anonymous staffers at the bar at Corduroy on Tuesday night.  DA was wearing jeans, so either the WH is very casual or he went home first.  Blackberries were omnipresent.
  • I saw a Beast-like limo yesterday, right around the corner from the White House. It didn't have enough of a police-and-black-SUV escort to be the president, but they *were* going with the green traffic light. It was probably some sub-Cabinet person. Undersecretary of Truck Nutz, most likely.

  • I swear that's Stephanopolous on the left there. My buddy and I saw him outside our office on 17th and M while on a smoke break. He was

    walking in the rain without an umbrella, which is kind of badass. He did not stop to talk when we waved.

  • I saw Paul Wolfowitz walking on 17th Street today, right in front of National Geographic. His head was down as he was looking at his BlackBerry, trying to figure out which Middle Eastern country was irresponsibly holding our oil under its soil so that we could invade it. Er, spread democracy to citizens yearning for freedom.
  • Just flew back from New Orleans on Monday and right as everyone was lining up to board, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and her crew hopped in front.  I knew it was her for two reasons: she was wearing the same sassy blue number as in these pics and I was struck by how surprisingly small her lone secret service guy was.  The first thought I had was that I could probably take him. Apparently she was in LA for a public forum on health care. Good luck trying to sell reform to a crowd waving "No Socialized Medicine!" signs.

Thanks to "Lucas," Magic Titty, "Jessica," "Anonymous Axelrod Watcher," "Scott," "Jon," "Jeff," and "El-Train" for the sighting reports! Seen somebody “famous for DC” wandering about town? Send your report to tips@wonkette.com with the subject line WONK’D.


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