Len Downie Prepares Woodward's Meal

As pointed out by reader M.A., during today's "Post Politics Hour" chat at washingtonpost.com, national political editor John Harris spent the first few minutes responding to questions about Woodwardgate (heh) with his best Scott McClellan:

John F. Harris: I'm sorry, but I don't know about the matter to which you refer.

John F. Harris: I'm not going to dignify this question with a response.

John F. Harris: I'm going to have to refer you to the State Department on this.

John F. Harris: Asked and answered already. Next question.

Finally exhausting his "repertoire of evasive techniques," Harris defended Woodward -- "Bob should by no means be fired. He is one of the giants of journalism, and is justifiably an institution at the Post" -- though we suspect few will be joining Bob for lunch today: "He's definitely eating a turd sandwich on this episode."

Post Politics Hour [WP]


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