Len Downie to Let You Live... For Now

Len Downie decides who lives and who dies - WonkettePost executive editor Len Downie reassures his battle-weary troops:

To: NEWS - All Newsroom@WashPostMain
Subject: Today's New York Times

In a New York Times business section column today praising Don Graham for his leadership of The Washington Post Company, David Carr inexplicably wrote: "Newsroom layoffs of an unspecificed number are in the offing." This is flat wrong. No such thing is "in the offing" or in any way contemplated.

The staff meeting scheduled for Thursday is the same meeting we hold every three months to keep you informed about what is going on in the newsroom and at the newspaper and the web site. Mostly, we want to answer any questions you have. And we want to quash any stupid, false rumors like this one.

See you there.

So the layoffs are next week, guys.

Not Boasting, Even Though He Could [NYT]


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