Leon Wieseltier Guest Stars As A Rejected Woody Allen Joke


  • It must be Sweeps Week in another version of reality, as Leon Wieseltier, New Republic's ranking number two funny old man with funny old racist ideas, guest stars on All About Steve, a teevee show, to play the head of the FLO, the Freudian Liberation Organization. [DCist]

  • Look, here's DC (and DCist) getting embarrassingly star-fuck-y towards of Hollywood celebrities, who have flocked to the Smithsonian to celebrate Ben Stiller's new movie, Night at the Museum 2: It's A Moral Certainty That Sheryl Crow Is Somehow Tangentially Involved [DCist]
  • Off-season victory for your Redskins, who have once again defeated Native Americans in a game of appellation. [Washington Post]
  • Cell phones will now half-work and fully annoy other passengers on even more Metro lines. [DC Examiner]
  • Yikes: someone died from an accident on the Amtrak. [WTOP]

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