[contextly_sidebar id="7iiXELfTSxCIFHsCuZZXa2jzyGBjBZl1"]From John Whitehouse of Media Matters comes this brief video snippet that says everything anyone could hope to know about poor sad loser Jeb Bush's prospects heading into tonight's Iowa Caucuses. Eighteen seconds of CBS News video, a mere twenty-six words of dialogue between the former frontrunner and CBS's Major Garrett explaining why, even though his face is smooshed firmly into the polyvinyl floor mats of the 2016 Republican clown car, Jeb Bush "still clings to hope":

Garrett: Can Jeb Bush be a surprise story here on caucus night?

Bush: Yes, since the expectations are so low.

Garrett: Well, you have succeeded there, governor.

Bush: [Rocky-on-the-stairs double fist pump] Mission Accomplished!

Of particular note here is either a happy accident of recording in a crowded restaurant or an insidious but brilliant bit of sound engineering: at the 13-second point, just as Bush makes the "victory" gesture and before he announces "Mission Accomplished," we hear a child's happy little squeaky toy, which we suspect may have been pilfered from My Little Pony's audio files:

Delightful coincidence or Big Media rubbing it in? You be the judge. By New Hampshire, Jeb's interviews may have to start including a Wilhelm Scream.

[John Whitehouse and Brendan Karet on Twitter]

Doktor Zoom

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