Let My People Go

* Jose Padilla is guilty on all charges of being an evil scary terrorist because after this many years, why not. [NYT, WP]

* Perhaps the FBI director wasn't wearing his glasses or his hearing aid when he thought he saw Fredo doing something really fucking crazy. [NYT, WP]

* For Obama and Hillary, it was about whether or not to nuke Pakistan. For Mitt and Rudy, it's about what to do with the Mexicans. That pretty much sums up where the country's heading, we think. [WP]

* Lots of Republicans are quitting their jobs, which would matter a whole lot more to us if the Democrats' leadership of Congress went beyond just not fucking little boys. [Roll Call]

* Gen. Patraeus will be allowed to testify to Congress, he just won't necessarily say anything realistic. [The Hill]

* Rudy wants his family to be left alone which is fine because they don't want anything to do with him either. [LAT]

* No one really cares about the whole dirty money thing just at the moment because, oh, hey, there's a war. [Politico]


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