Let The Eagle Soar

  • Iran ran more missile tests and Condoleezza Rice wasn't happy and oh God George Bush is going to bomb the living crap out these people. [Washington Post]
  • Barack Obama has traversed this great nation and picked up all sorts of useless geographic trivia to share with reporters. [New York Times]
  • Obama has managed, brilliantly, to disappoint the left with his "move to the center" while still irritating the right with his "unreconstructed liberalism." [Washington Post]
  • John McCain is the modern William McKinley, while Barack Obama is the modern William Jennings Bryan OH SNIPPETY SNAP, TRIPLE ZING. [Wall Street Journal]
  • John McCain left his national press entourage on the plane outside Pittsburgh while he talked with local reporters, and all the national press people got mad. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Ted Kennedy returned to the Senate yesterday! His vote helped pass a bit of stalled legislation that will prevent a big drop in payments to doctors under Medicare. [The Hill]

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