Let the Sunshine In

* The Democrats are sad, ineffectual and weak -- and they're not going anywhere anytime soon. [Capitol Hill Blue]

* But so long as they're not completely corrupt, lying, war mongering corporate cronies, looks like that House majority is only going to grow. Thanks for lowering the bar, Karl. [The Swamp]

* Chief Justice John Roberts has died in his summer home in Maine. No, not really, but we know you have your fingers crossed. [Talking Points Memo]

* The impeachments are going to start sort of low on the food chain and then work their way up. [Carpetbagger Report]

* Since the FBI director's testimony, Gonzo has hardly been speaking to the FBI but he's probably just practicing his right to remain silent. [Think Progress]

* 8 million Iraqis are in immediate need ... of a month long vacation for their government! [Iraq Slogger]

* Maybe $3 million is a lot of money when you're running for Congress in, say, Mississippi. [Hot Air]

* The best thing about this new ethics reform BS is the phrase "conservatives plan fight for transparency." [RedState]


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