Let Us Entertain You

* The Knitters with Chatham County Line at the Birchmere (they're hiring). $20 at 7:30PM. [Birchmere]

* Film scholar and film programmer for the Freer and Sackler, Tom Vick will give a talk tonight about Japanese culture and Japanese film. He'll show movie clips which are "illuminating the myriad ways Japan's remarkably diverse cinema has depicted a changing Japan." $18 at 7PM at the Freer. [Smithsonian]

* Restaurant Nora (nation's first certified organic restaurant) and Asia Nora creator Nora Pouillon discusses "her approach to organic cuisine and her continuing search for sustainable solutions to bring our modern lifestyles in balance with the environment." At the Corcoran. $20 at 7PM. [Corcoran]


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