Last night's redundantly-named Tea Party Republican debate was many creepy things, but high among the list of bizarre and disturbing moments was a question Wolf Blitzer put to Ron Paul asking if a gravely ill man without health insurance should be allowed to die. Because, surely -- oh, no, wait, hold on there, the audience has some instantaneous vile reaction to share first. The teabagger death panel sitting in the audience has reached an immediate ruling in favor of executing all of the uninsured, which they will express according to custom, in a chorus of guttural screams. Woah! That's a lot of hate, even for teabaggers. Is it all for real?

The reaction was probably partially provoked by the insidiously stupid hypothetical that Wolf Ditzer used to ask the question, framing it in the reality-defying terms of a healthy young 30-year-old man with a well-paying job who randomly chooses not to buy health insurance before spontaneously falling ill. Should he die, for being foolish? is a better paraphrase of the actual question. Because all the people Wolf has ever met, they just buy health insurance with their salaries and their jobs. Why doesn't everybody just do that? [YouTube via ThinkProgress]


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