Let Your Next Roofie Come From a Leader of Tomorrow

http://wonkette.com/politics/upload/2006/07/GOPalooza-thumb.jpgClick, enlarge, RSVP.

Because we're feeling slightly more meanspirited than usual today, here's an invite to a velvet-rope young Republican party over at Smith Point. It may not look like much, but the attached email is what makes posting it fun:

Because we want this event to be a comfortable, fun event for our young Republicans and special guests, we are going to have a strict guest list at the door. Anyone who is not on the guest list will not get in.
We also encourage all of these people to send their name and organization to this address even if they cannot attend because we are close to finalizing plans for an intimate black tie dinner with one of the most influential people in the Republican Party. Only this list will be invited to this event.

Sure sure, very exclusive. But doesn't that invite describe every night at Smith Point?


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