Let's All LOL With Donald Trump About What A Sexual Predator He Is!


LOL! Have you been laughing so much at all the barrage of allegations being leveled about Donald Trump being a hands-y sexual predator? WE HAVE! Just kidding, no we haven't! But we have a new video from a Donald Trump appearance on the Howard Stern radio program back in 2006, where Donald Trump thought it was pretty funny that he is a sexual predator. LOL!


In case you can't watch that five second video, here is a transcript:

STERN: Donald, seriously, you know about sexual predators and things like that ...



At that point, Trump and his daughter share an affectionate moment, as they agree that yes, dad is a total sexual predator, which is LMAO!

Awwwww, family. As Buzzfeed reminds us, it was on Howard Stern that Trump said it was OK to call his daughter "a piece of ass."

Oh by the way, Huffington Post has a new story about Trump looking up models' skirts, just to check if they've got panties on, and also to look at their vaginas we would assume.

Now, on Wednesday, Trump said he's totally not a sexual predator and that all those ladies (and more to come, surely!) are lying about him groping them and grabbing them by the pussy. But just let the record show that ten years ago, while he was married to Melania, he was giggling about being a sexual predator.

Politico has an interesting piece about Trump's history of saying embarrassing shit to Howard Stern, who, incidentally, is a complete and utter #ImWithHer Hillary Clinton supporter. We recommend you read it in its entirety, but the thrust is that Stern played Trump for years and set him up to look like an utter fool, and that (as usual, because he's stupid), Trump wasn't in on the joke:

Stern has long had a devilish talent for lulling guests into a false sense of security—and then luring them into rhetorical traps. He casts his guests in a burlesque he scripts for them, and cattle-prods them into playing their parts, first fawning over them until they feel like celebrities, then bringing down the hammer of humiliation. He’s a diabolically domineering scene partner. No interviewer has ever been as adroit with treacherous leading questions in the vein of “When did you stop beating your wife?” Stern, in other words, gets people to publicly embrace their worst selves—and say things they live to regret.

That’s exactly what happened with Trump. [...] By nailing him as a buffoon and then—unkindest cut—forcing him to kiss the Howard Stern ring, Stern and his co-anchor, Robin Quivers, created a series of broadcasts that today showcase not just Trump’s misogyny but his ready submission to sharper minds. [...]

To keep Douchebag Donald in character, Stern blows no end of noxious smoke, pushing Trump to preen pathetically and act the baller. But Trump never tells him off. Instead, he seems cravenly eager to please Stern, self-styled King of all Media, whose unlikely charisma—unceasingly onanistic and anhedonic, using others only to spark his disgust or his libido—seemed infinitely bankable at the time.

As we say on the internet, READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE, YOU GUYS.

Who knew some of the most important journalism of the 2016 election would be done by Howard Stern over a decade ago?

[Buzzfeed / Politico]

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