Let's Do a Haruspicy On Chertoff's Entrails

* The O'Franken Factor: Al outraises Coleman at the start of what is sure to be the most hilarious/depressing Senate campaign in a while. [Wizbang]

* Young people don't care about Iraq, sort of like all of the adult people who don't care about Iraq. [Passport]

* Chertoff clarifies: that "gut feeling" was just that he had to take a shit. [The Swamp]

* U.S. cuts off power to an entire district of Baghdad, which is no different than any other time in Baghdad. [Iraq Slogger]

* Condi Rice thinks Don Cheadle is some kind of politically important person when in fact he just plays one in movies. [Fresh Intelligence]

* Be-cancered gay abortionist Fred Thompson is going to continue evading election law until August. [Hot Air]

* Funny thing about executive privilege: It doesn't usually apply to people who aren't the president. [Think Progress]

* Firefighters say Rudy wounded himself to get those Purple Hearts. [Election Central]

* Islamabad mosque standoff ends; lots of Moslems were killed, hooray for freedom!. [LGF]

* If there's such a health-care crisis in this country then why don't you just go to the fucking emergency room? [Political Animal]

* Leiberman's vision of a pan-Middle Eastern war comes one step closer to reality. [Weekly Standard]

* McCain is losing because terrorists hate our freedom, not because of Iraq. Obviously. [Redstate]


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