Let's Do What You Want For A Change

* Fred Thompson being in the race looks just about the same as Fred Thompson not being in the race. [WP]

* The thing is, we want to be done with this whole war thing now, but some panel that some government body ordered doesn't think the Iraqis can take care of themselves for a year. [NYT]

* Larry Craig's unresignation's got people pissed that the gay thinks he can just stay in the Senate as long as he pleases, being all gay everywhere all the time. [The Hill]

* Democrats are going settle on some pussy type non-solution for Iraq that the Republicans will probably think of. [NYT]

* Tim Johnson's back up in this motherfucker with a vengeance. [Politico]

* Everyone forgot that they were supposed to give a shit that Ted Kennedy has cast a gajillion Senate votes. [WP]


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