Let's Hear It For Middle School Math

  • Dog-torturing inflatable Mormon Mitt Romney has endorsed John McCain, who has taken even more craven positions in his Senate re-election bid than he did in his failed semi-effort to become president. [AP]
  • Everyone is scared that President Obama is going to take away their guns, which is to be honest probably not a huge priority right now compared to the whole jobs/deficit/healthcare/energy/etc he currently has on his plate, but nonetheless states have taken it upon themselves to protect their citizenry from the tyranny of gun control. [New York Times]
  • The widow of the single IRS employee killed by the nutball plane guy is letting the healing begin, by suing the widow of the nutball plane guy. [Austin American-Statesman]
  • The same full-body-scan technology that wowed kinksters in Amsterdam has now come to the relatively conservative O'Hare International Airport. [Chicago Tribune]
  • The banking industry has, curiously enough, shifted its monetary affections to the universally acknowledged champion of Main Street, the Republican party. [Washington Post]
  • A potentially tragic middle-school shooting attempt was foiled by a large math teacher, who tackled the offending shooter before he had the chance to kill anybody. [Denver Post]

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