Let's Intentionally Destroy the 2008 Election!

Why it's Ape Lincoln! - WonketteWe don't much like blogs or pundits or opinions, but we especially don't like politics -- which is why this blog pundit opinion filled our hearts with joy:

The 2008 presidential election is now less than 19 months away. As far as I'm concerned, that means now is the time to start planning how to destroy it.
Sign us up! How does it work? Find out, after the jump.

It's based on the exciting principle of that shiny-haired weirdo on American Idol, the dude who cannot sing yet stays in the competition due to an intentional open conspiracy by the public (or Howard Stern) to make a mockery of the "talent" portion of the talent show.

The real reason Sanjaya has stuck around is because he has captured the adoration of a site called, which, itself, has captured the adoration of Howard Stern and millions of other people who wish to mess with "American Idol." These people aren't voting for Sanjaya because they like him. They're voting for him because it's ironic -- because it turns the whole idea of a glitzy, commercialized singing competition on its head.
Using the methodology, every major candidate can be destroyed and Ron Paul will become president by default.

This is awesome because Ron Paul is such a hard-core libertarian that he doesn't believe Washington exists, or something, and politics will be done forever and all the lobbyists will go back to their first career (fluffers) and Washington will be like that crappy remake of "Planet of the Apes." The end.

The Sanjaya Principle: Why Ron Paul Can Be Our Next President [The Free Liberal]


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