Let's Meet Lee Atwater's Widow, Sally, Who Is Running For Something Somewhere, Badly


Sally Atwater, widow of the late Master of Electoral RatLovemaking Lee Atwater, is heading into a runoff primary for the Republican nomination for South Carolina's State Superintendent of Education. Last week, she called in to this radio show hosted by Russ Cassell, who asked her some questions about teaching sex ed and creationism. While he's a badgering dopey rightwing doofus, she actually manages to seem even worse, simply not answering fairly straightforward questions about whether and how sex ed should be taught, and punting altogether on evolution as well, neither saying she's for it or agin' it. It's really a fairly impressive of volunteering nothing, which is remarkable in that she called the program to share her views. Which she apparently doesn't have any of. But she did manage something pretty amazing -- she made us share in a rightwing radio host's annoyance at her non-answers, and we can pretty much agree with Cassell's conclusion that Atwater is "an example of a person running for public office on name recognition only who is clueless."

[Palmettoscoop.com via the Wonkette tipline]

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