Let's Play Doctor

"I'll unseal mine if he will unseal all of his," said Dr. Dean.

And the really funny thing is that he's referring to Bush's, uh, privates. OK, OK, before Andrew Sullivan gets too worked up, his private papers. Seems Dean doesn't want anyone poking around in his official files -- he's sealed them for 10 years. But those opposition researchers are crafty. They dug deep into Dean's hidden past and have revealed . . . He's a skinflint!

The financier-turned-physician-turned-politician sternly warned that whatever lofty goals the legislators had in mind -- expanding preschool education, providing universal health care or toughening environmental laws -- none of it would happen if voters did not trust them with their money.

Was: Dean = McGovern. Is: Dean = Reagan?

Dean Ruled From Fiscal Center in Vermont [Los Angeles Times]

Dean's Red-Meat Diet [Washington Post]


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