Let's See If This '50-State Strategy' Actually Works

  • Not one but TWO comically named New Hampshire towns have completed voting for Obama: Dixville Notch and Hart's Location. [BBC News]
  • One voter went to the polls in her Brooklyn precinct today "shortly before 6 a.m." and found a line "already down the block and around the corner." [AP]
  • You know what would unify America? Nuking all these battleground states that give us so much hassle every year. [ABC News]
  • Barack Obama has a slight lead in Florida, according to one Republican-leaning polling outfit. [Pensacola News Journal]
  • One of Madelyn Dunham's former employees at the Bank of Hawaii fondly remembers his hardassed old boss: "She was very strict. We were totally scared of her." [KHON News]
  • Text messages and YouTube made the 2008 campaign a transformational race. Also, the fact that Obama bothered to court voters in traditionally red states. [New York Times]

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