Let's Twist Again

  • Remember how this was going to be a substantive presidential campaign based on the issues rather than moronic attacks on character? Well, forget that. [Politico, The Hill]
  • Now that everybody in California is broke and homeless, demand at food pantries has increased dramatically. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Meet the Ford Flex, the most comically awkward-looking automotive hybrid since the Subaru Brat. [Wall Street Journal]
  • For many black voters in the South, "racial solidarity with Obama does not automatically trump apathy or despair." [Washington Post]
  • Three suicide bombers killed 28 people in Baghdad as Shi'ites flooded the city for their annual pilgrimage to the Kadhamiya shrine. [Reuters]
  • Now even healthy businesses can't get loans from the bank, on account of the credit crunch. [New York Times]

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