Let's Watch Ferguson P.D. Tear-Gas Al Jazeera, For The American Way Of Life


Listen, fuckers! The Ferguson P.D. was very CLEAR yesterday when they said Ferguson, Missouri, was now a Sundown Town, and you would show it somePROPER RESPECT. Reporters, if you don't want to do what the po-po say, then try to be Amurricans instead of some musliny middle easterny Al Jazeery types and you will only get arrested, instead of gassed.

Update: Al Jazeera crew send a statement. Marla Cichowski, field producer:

“We were clearly set up as press with a full live shot set up. As soon as first bullet hit the car we screamed out loud, ‘We are press,’ ‘This is media.’”

“Police that were there at the intersection directing traffic earlier knew we were there. We never drove around the police barricade.”

“There was another station local NBC parked across the street from us the whole time.”

“They shined a huge flood light at us before firing and I can only imagine they could see what they were shooting at.”

And from Ash-har Quraishi, Chicago bureau chief correspondent:

“We were very surprised by this, we had been there for about an hour. We had been in contact with police officers who were just feet away from us. I had spoken to police officers who knew we were there. We had had discussions with them. We understood this was as far as we could get in terms of where the protest was going on, about a mile up the road. So, we didn’t think there would be any problems here so we were very surprised.”

“We were very close to where those [tear gas] canisters were shot from. We yelled, as you heard there [on the video]. We were yelling that we were press. But they continued to fire. We retreated about half a block into the neighborhood, until we could get out of that situation.”

We're still waiting for Joe Scarborough to head to Ferguson so he can show us how proper journalists always do what the police tell them, instead of just "trying to get on teevee."


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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