Letter from Ana: Blog Days

Perhaps you've heard rumors about a change in leadership at this weblog? To set the record straight, Wonkette herself took a moment from her book tour to relate the definitive word about her ascension to Wonkette Emeritus and those soon to take the helm...

amc_letter.jpgWonkette readers are always the last to know, eh? Sorry about that. Under the able leadership of the new Wonkettes-in-waiting, David Lat and Alex Pareene, I'm sure it won't ever happen again. (How do I feel about replacements, you ask? I'm thrilled; until now the idea of Wonkette being taken over by two men only existed in my letters to Penthouse Forum.)

Yesterday's Reliable Source item got most of the facts right regarding my retirement from this smutty spot; if you're wondering what word they bleeped, the unadulterated quote about my reasons for stepping down as chief Wonkette was: "My ass is tired," pause, "From the sitting, I mean." Heh. Just for old time's sake. Ass-fucking used to be the new black; I'm pretty sure that sodomy has now, uhm, jumped the shark. (Which is, of course, legal in Texas.)

The time freed up from posting 12 times a day will be largely devoted to weeping over a diminishing Google Alert ego feed and working on my new book, which is non-fiction and therefore will require leaving the house. That will be a new experience but I'll leave a trail of breadcrumbs. And I'll try to remember to wear pants.

Lastly, I'd like to thank everyone who helped make this unlikely success story possible. Wonkette was never a one woman show, the complete list of all those who participated in the gang bang would put Wilt Chamberlin to shame, but to embarrass just a few of them i'll single out Nick Denton, Alex Balk, Choire Sicha, Tracy Sefl, Greg Beato, Fred Becker, Mike Madden, and Holly Matrins. DCeiver here has done what I believe they call "yeomen's work," producing quality laffs and the daily quota of butterstick coverage at a time when most of us are still hungover from the holidays. Henry the Intern has been my secret weapon


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