Letter From Your Editor: A Week Without You, Thought I'd Forget

bikeriding.jpgHi, everyone. Alex here. Did you notice I was gone? No? Too busy giggling like idiots at Michael Steele and Ann Coulter to even wish me a happy birthday -- you didn't even call, you didn't write, not so much as a series of angry posts on anonymous blogs calling me a queer, nothing.

It was glorious.

Yes, thanks to David Weigel and the illustrious Wonkette Intern Team for keeping things running more or less smoothly in my absence. Now that I'm back, we'll have no more free-market this and negative liberties that -- now that I'm back, we'll be stealing guns from the rich and redistributing them to the poor. And non-stop Katherine Harris. And, you know, other stuff. Maybe. While on vacation I caught this rare midwestern disease known as "incredible laziness," so today might be kinda rough.


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