Levi Johnston Sues Twitter And Bristol, The Website And Human, Respectively


Levi Johnston has decided to sue the only two things he is aware of: the popular Internet website Twitter and also his ex-girlfriend Bristol Palin for custody of their child, Twitter. Regarding lawsuit one: the actor William Shatner embarrassed Johnston on the Conan O'Brien show by falsely and illegally reading aloud a succession of Tweets that Levi Johnston has never evenseen before. Oh and re: Bristol: Apparently it was just a hassle or whatever to visit the kid over the weekend, last weekend he thinks it was, and now he is going to court about it. "He goes on to say that he's tried the friendly way and it's 'Not working. I'm done. It's going to have to go to court. They just finally pushed me over the edge.'" Ha ha Levi Johnston is so bored. [The Insider; Daily Intel]


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