Levin Joins Anti-Maliki Bandwagon

Senate Armed Forces Committee chairman Carl Levin just took a three-day trip to Iraq and Jordan and he's come back convinced that we need to have our CIA overthrow and perhaps assassinate Nouri al-Malki, the comically incompetent Prime Minister of our little experiment in Mesopotamia.

Another twenty or so lawmakers are going to Iraq this month to check up on things themselves while they wait for the progress report that the White House is writing and then maybe adding Gen. Petraeus' name to.

The problem is, lawmakers keep coming back from these little (Petagon-organized) trips to the Green Zone (and one obligatory "open-air market") positive that we can win in Iraq if we just brutally occupy it for a couple more months and maybe throw out their Prime Minister and replace him with Rudy Giuliani or something.

So, as always, it's a bad week to be Nouri al-Maliki, but the guy is pretty crafty, so maybe we will end up having to update our little memorial bug graphic after all. Because once the Senate wants you dead, Dick Cheney will probably do everything in his power to keep you alive.

Senator Calls for Maliki's Ouster [WP]


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