Oh Great, The Federalist Found Out About Our Secret Feminist America-Destroying Plans/Chants

So embarrassing that it doesn't even rhyme.

Today, The Federalist published an article by Executive Editor Joy Pullman, all about how she thinks that Emily Drabinski, the very-awesome-seeming new president of the American Library Association, is a "groomer." Why? Is it because she has some evidence of this? Are there any complaining victims? Nope! She just made it up entirely because she's pretty sure you can't be a lesbian Marxist without also being a pedophile.

You may remember Joy Pullman from the time she was angry about Oreos being too sexy and also in cahoots with Common Core Education, or from the time she explained how awesome it is when Christians die of COVID. If not, well, you are in for a real treat.


LESS OF A TREAT: You Want A Death Cult? 'Federalist' Lady Will Give You A Death Cult!

In her excoriation of Drabinski, Pullman explains that in addition to being a lesbian and a Marxist she is also involved in other illegal activities, like supporting unions and making sex education and informational books available and easy to find at the library. Pullman believes this is the same thing as forcing pornography on people and also their children. She also cites several quotes from Drabinski that she clearly does not understand and repeatedly misinterprets as sinister.

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Florida Just Gonna Go Ahead And Ban Trans Youth From Existing Entirely

The hell is wrong with these people?

Over the past few months, the state of Florida has been leading the attack against transgender youth (see also: Black people, gay people, anyone who can get pregnant, anyone who likes not contracting COVID on planes). It's almost as if Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is planning on running for president and so hopes to dazzle the Republican constituency with just how very efficiently he can restrict the rights of anyone who is not a heterosexual cisgender man whose understanding of epidemiology derives near-exclusively from QAnon message boards and rightwing media.

This week, in response to a Health and Human Services memo explaining gender affirmative care — which is the standard of care for gender dysphoria supported by the American Medical Association, the American Psychological Association, and the American Academy of Pediatrics — Florida state Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo issued his own guidance on gender dysphoria, as supported by the personal instincts of Tucker Carlson's target audience.

Florida's guidance, more or less, is for parents, doctors, psychologists and school personnel to react to a young person telling them they are trans by placing their hands over their ears and loudly singing "LA LA LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU."

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Culture Wars

Ted Cruz Real Mad Disney Put Mouse-On-Dog Sex In Every Cartoon

Because we all know Ted Cruz cannot abide that filthy pornography.

Have you ever wondered what's in Ted Cruz's browser history? Well, wonder no further, because Texas's junior senator took to his podcast to tell us all the freaky-deaky details.

Before an audience of students at Yale University — because if there's anyone who hates elites, its this guy! — Cruz complained about Disney's opposition to Florida's filthy "Don't Say Gay" bill, which subjects teachers to parents' lawsuits if they so much as acknowledge that gay people exist.

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Lonely Rhode Island Republican Tries For 'Don't Say Gay OR Racism' Bill

Thankfully, she is pretty alone in that.

This week, Republican Rhode Island state Rep. Patricia Morgan introduced what has to be one of the absolute worst bills in the history of the state or anywhere. You may remember Rep. Morgan from the time last December when she announced on Twitter that she blamed "Critical Race Theory" for the the fact that she no longer has anyone she can refer to as her Black friend. Employing a #CRT hashtag, Rep. Morgan wrote, "I had a black friend. I liked her and I think she liked me, too. But now she is hostile and unpleasant. I am sure I didn't do anything to her, except be white. Is that what teachers and our political leaders want for our society? Divide us because of our skin color?"

Given that Rep. Morgan is clearly the worst, it seems highly unlikely that the main reason this adult woman became "hostile and unpleasant" to her is because teachers were telling students that racism exists. But apparently she was so very scarred from this experience that, rather than working on becoming a more pleasant person herself, she chose to put forth a completely batshit "Don't Say Gay OR Racism" bill that has absolutely no chance of passing, being that she is only one of nine Republicans in the 75-person General Assembly.

Despite this, it's worth taking a look at some of the more bizarre components of this particular bill:

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