Libby Circus Is in Town!

The Scooter Libby trial begins for real today! And here's the good news: our good friend the Washington Post reporter with a thousand conflicts of interest has made the jury!

Among the jurors is a former Washington Post reporter who once worked for now-Assistant Managing Editor Bob Woodward, a defense witness, and until recently was a neighbor of NBC's Tim Russert, a prosecution witness.

As regular readers will recall, this gentleman is buddies with Walter Pincus and his BFF is Scooter's over-40 football friend.

The opening arguments laid out the defense's plan: throw Karl Rove under the bus. This is shocking, unless you were paying attention back in March.

Libby Attacks Rove and the White House [The Corner]

Libby Jury is Chosen, Arguments Set to Start [WP]


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